Le Lilas / French Lilac Rice Body Pwdr Refill (8oz)

Le Lilas / French Lilac Rice Body Pwdr Refill (8oz)

This lush, potently powerful Floral fragrance of pure Lilac, with her ephemeral beauty, is an enchanting and utterly beguiling feminine scent.

Truly unique and purely safe, our Body Rice Powder is composed of the finest milled rice and corn with an added touch of Vitamin E for moist, rich hydration. Naturally enveloping your skin with a luxurious sealing layer that pampers and protects it from the harsh environment.
Please keep covered in a dry area as dampness will cause the natural ingredients to clump together.
Please use your powder puff with only one fragrance. If you have more than one fragrance it is best to use a separate puff for each scent.

Essential Oils, Natural Fragrances, Rice Powder, Corn Powder, Vitamina E.